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Toyota Hiace Commuter 4x4

We import these vans from Japan, they are usually very well looked after examples, low kms and we buy rust free examples!! We like buying the wheel chair variety because they usually are low kms...

These vans are a workhorse in Japan too, often doing 500.000kms or more (in Japan) if they are 10 or 14 seaters.. The wheel chair variety is often a lot less used. We stock them with anything between like 50.000 and 150.000 kms on them. We even had one with just 6.000 kms on the clock!!!

They are either part time 4x4 with high and low range and freewheeling hubs, manual or automatic, or full time 4x4, manual or automatic, diesel, dual airconditioning, and usually white in color. Usually they have a electric chair lift build into the rear which is easily removed. 

All these vans go thru a stringent RAWS compliance before they can be registered. We handle all this for you, the importation, compliance and registration is all included in the quoted price of the van. 12 months NSW rego comes with each and every one. We can (at extra cost) do a full or partial mechanical service on these at your cost, timing belt, change oil, belts, hoses, filters, service transmission, change diff oil, check brakes, flush coolant and brake fluid to mention just a few. We have a on-call diesel mechanic who takes care of all those things for us.

Another feature of the wheelchair vans is that they come with a full hood lining inside and some come with those perfect little top windows in the roof, those windows are factory fitted by Toyota, so no rust issues or leaks!! They have blinds or curtains build into them also. Perfect for camper use!!

If you are after a wheelchair carrier, we can service and check the lift in them and comply the rear seats if you so wish to do.

If you are after a 4x4 campervan for one or two persons, that's easy to drive, automatic, diesel economy, reliable and goes MOST places, we can also organise the interior fitout for these vans as well. We plan to do about 5 or 6 conversions a year on these vans from

2016 onwards.

We're a one-stop shop when it comes

to Commuter 4x4.

We now can also bring in the new 200 series,

2005 onwards models.

Here is some pictures of units we have or

have had in stock:

Contact us if you wish to buy one,

we have the largest stock of

Hiace Commuter 4x4 in Australia!!!

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