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NOW, we can import the Hino Liesse RX4J's, that are manufactured

between 1995 and 2002.

These buses are the follow up for the ever popular Hino Rainbow RB145.

They were manufactured upto 2005 and the RX4J took over their production line.

The RX4J is much more modern in design, and much more powerful

with it's 5.3 ltr rear mounted diesel engine. Most are Turbo Intercooled, but not all,

some are just naturally aspirated.

They still go pretty well though!

Also does the RX4J come in Automatic as well as Manual.

Autos are pretty rare! I think only one in a hundred are Auto??

Another major difference is that all RX4J Hino Liesse have airbag suspension as standard.

Also, the RX4J only comes with a 'front door', meaning the passenger access door is

located in front of the left hand front wheel, while the RB145's all have theirs

behind the front wheel.

The modern design and driving comfort as well as it's ample engine power will ensure

that these little buses will be very popular for conversion to motorhomes, and I bet that,

in a few years, there will be hundreds in Australia, if not thousands!!!

This is one we've recently imported, then converted for a valued customer from Geraldton WA.

And we have this one below available. NOW SOLD. With a fitout like above (can customise to your plans and needs!!! it'll work out at about $115,000.-

It's fitout is planned to be done early 2012. We have the bus here now.

If you are interested in a Hino Liesse RX4J, please contact us via the 'contact us' page or email on


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