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Toyota Coasters are very popular for Motorhome Conversions.

We can source Toyota Coasters locally, or from Japan. If you are after a Automatic, we will need to source that in Japan as Toyota never brought automatics into Australia. We can however easily get them from Japan.

The models we can currently import are:

* Anything manufactured before 01-01-1989.

* HDB51 (manual or automatic, 4.2 Turbo diesel). In the year ranges of 1993 to 2003.

* HDB50 (manual or automatic, 4.2 Diesel). In the year ranges of 1993 to 2003.

* HDB31 (manual or automatic, 4.2 Turbo diesel). In the year ranges of 1989 to 1993.

* BB58 (factory all-wheel-drive model, automatic only, no low range, dual wheels at the rear, 1993/1999 has the 4 ltr. diesel engine, 1999-2004 has the 4 ltr. Turbo Intercooled diesel engine).

* HZB56 (manual or automatic, 4.2 NON turbo. In the year ranges of 1993 thru to 2003

* XZB50 and XZB51 (manual or automatic 4.1 Turbo Intercooled)

Years 2003 to current.



It's got super single rear wheels, as well as high/low range as standard.

It's got the same engine as the current ones,

4.1 ltr. Turbo Intercooled 4 cyl. diesel as commonly used on

2003 and later Toyota Coasters in Australia.

Locally sourced Toyota Coasters will come in a few different models, to start the 1983

to 1993 models:

* HB30 (LWB upto 1990, 4ltr. diesel, manual)

* HZB30 (LWB 1990-1993, 4.2ltr. diesel, manual)

* RB20 (SWB 2.2 ltr. petrol, manual)

* BB20 (SWB 3.4 ltr. diesel, manual)

Locally sourced Toyota Coasters made from 1993 untill 2003 include:

* HZB50 (LWB 4.2 ltr. diesel, manual)

* BB40 (SWB 3.4 ltr. diesel, manual)

2001 Toyota Coaster Factory 4wd model

2006 Toyota Coaster LWB XZB50

2005 Toyota Coaster LWB XZB50


Below is one of our converted 4x4 Coasters, big ground clearance, high/low gearing and super wide single wheels/tyres!!! 


2003 Toyota Coaster BB50

Converted to 4x4:

Custom Coasters 4x4 Toyota Coaster Motorhome, built to order, high/low 4wd, freewheeling hubs, super single wheels/tyres, high lift suspension, airconditioned of course... Options: Steel bullbar with LED driving lights, rear dual spare wheel carriers, 260ltr fuel tank etc...

Motorhome conversion consisting of fibreglass shower/toilet module, double island bed with lift up struts, kitchen with gas stove and microwave, double door 24v fridge freezer, 23" tv/dvd, rooftop airconditioner, 400watt solar, 440amp hour gell batteries, 3kva inverter/charger... 140ltr general fresh water, 70ltr dedicated drinking water, 70ltr grey water... Cassette toilet, gas water heater, 2x 4kg gas bottles. Large boot under double bed, lots of overhead cupboard space, large full height wardrobe, storage under jack-knife sofa.. Leather Captains Chairs and matching sofa. This is it!!


2003 Toyota Coaster BB58

Factory 4WD model:


1997 Toyota Coaster, custom conversion or it's owner. Single beds, no gas, diesel heater and black leather upholstery, black benchtops and black curtains!! All cabinetry in white:


Below pictures are of a 1994 Toyota Coaster Turbo Automatic (HDB51) that we fitted out recently for our valued customer from Traralgon Vic. 


Below pictures are of a 1999 Toyota Coaster Turbo Automatic HDB50

that we imported and fitted out for it's owner from Lismore NSW.


1996 HDB51 converted 2015

for it's owner from Wollongbar NSW


Below vehicle is a 1997 LWB Toyota Coaster HZB50R that we recently fitted out for it's

owner from Katoomba NSW.

(BTW, these are our Custom Coaster Captains chairs, fitted to a Coaster)


A 4x4 Coaster??

Is there such a thing??

Yes there is. But they are very

hard to find as not many were

made and most are rusted out

as they were used primarily

in the snow covered Northern

area's of Japan.

Very hard to find a good one

though, extremely hard. Hard

to obtain parts for too.

"Let's build our own":

We are now offering Toyota Coasters fully converted to 4x4,

with high and low range, single rear wheels, built to suit Australian conditions,

MANUAL 6 speed gearbox, high lift suspension, bullbar, exterior Donaldson

pre-aircleaner, wheelarch flares to stop gravel rash.

They can be supplied as a fully operational tour bus or stripped out

ready for a motorhome conversion. Of course we are available for a custom

motorhome conversion as well. Contact us if you are interested.

It'll cost around the $90.000 mark for the 2003/2006 models supplied as a bus. Motorhome conversion $50.000

These are ideal for a on road/off road motorhome. They have the space

for all the comforts of home, ride like only a Coaster rides like, and still has the

ability to take you off the beaten track. I'm thinking Gibb River Road WA,

Cape York QLD, Gary Junction HWY WA, Great Central Road WA, Gunbarrel

HWY WA, Strezlecki Track SA, even Fraser Island QLD shouldn't be too much of

an issue for these. Just let a bit of air out of the tyres though, on the soft sand...

If you are interested in getting a Coaster fitted out, contact us!!

phone 02 6663 7071

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