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Bits and pieces for
DIY conversions
We can supply all bits and pieces needed for you motorhome conversion.
Just email us with a list of bits needed and I'll quote it up for you.
I can freight anywhere in Australia.
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Door conversion JOB on Toyota Coaster currently with bifold doors:

These Door Jobs are COMPLETE, just DRIVE IN AND DRIVE OUT THE SAME DAY!!. They comprise of a 1 piece fibreglass door conversion panel and triple lock security/flyscreen/caravandoor, fully fitted and all finished off and trimmed on the inside. The original step trimmed and new checkerplate aluminium floor applied to the step. $2500 supplied and fitted using the caravan door pictured below!!!

OR for DIY fitment, at $790 for the fibreglass molded door surround piece, and there is two different doors we can supply to fit them. The caravan door is $980.

There is another door available to us, it's fully ADR approved in case your engineer specifies you don't only need a 'outward opening door', if he also specifies it must be 'ADR approved with burst proof locks, safety glass and certified', you may need this door below. $1399 for the door or door and surround fully installed for $3000.-
Custom Alloy Bullbars for Coasters
Fits all models from 1993 thru to 2007.
Also all models 2007 thru to current.
Price includes fitting!!!   $2699
(4wd BB58 $250 extra.) Plenty in stock usually.
Fitting is at our facility outside of CASINO NSW. Alternatively we can freight them to you, at your cost!

In Stock also are these Pedestal Swivel Seat Bases,
AS WELL.  Fully ADR APPROVED. $235, $255 and $295 respectively EACH,
LOTS IN STOCK. New Seat Belts are $90.
Suit Coaster, Nissan Civilian, Rosa, mazda T3500 Etc.
These tanks fit under the floor of Coasters really well, I usually install 2 as fresh water tanks and 2 as grey water tanks. They don't hang down under the side of the body much at all.
Because they are rounded at the bottom, they can hardly be seen. They measure approx 600x380x380mm. They hold approx 70ltr. They come with brass inlet and outlets treaded in.
They're made from foodgrade Poly.
Easily mounted with metal straps (not supplied),
just bend them up out of 40 or 50mm flat bar, steel or alum. and bolt them up, ask me how and I'll forward some pictures on how to do it.

Price is $179 each and we always have plenty in stock as we use these ourselves all the time.


We've have these inverter/chargers being manufactured for us. They are the latest in total power management.

They are a INVERTER, BATTERY CHARGER and SOLAR REGULATOR all in the 1 appliance.

Easy to install, just connect MAINS IN
Just connect 24 v battery bank + and -
Just connect the + and - of your 24 volt solar panel array
Just connect the load side of your 240 volt system.

The machine then recognizes whether you have 240V mains available and uses it to charge your batteries. If there is no mains available it will use any solar input power to charge your batteries and will invert your battery power to 240 volt to run any appliances you might have.

Specifications below:

· Adjustable AC input voltage 90~280VAC
· 2.4KW pure sine wave output with up to 2X surge max 5 seconds
· Built-in 3-stage high efficiency battery charger 25A
· Built-in SOLAR charger max 50A (non-mppt)
· Total system charging current = AC + SOLAR = MAX 50A
· Dual priority operation selectable: AC vs. DC mode
· Free monitoring software
· Works with 24V battery system only
· transformerless, light weight design
· RJ45 comm port
· Transfer time <10ms
· Programmable LCD with menu
· 24 hour operation
· Intelligent battery charging control
· Built-in alarms and protections
· Suitable for wall mount
· CE, EMC certified
We can supply these inverter chargers direct to you. They come well packaged to avoid any damage during transit. 

Price: $998 each. 
That's right, just $998 for a 2.4kva SINE WAVE INVERTER & 25 AMP CHARGER & 50 AMP SOLAR PANEL REGULATOR IN 1!!
They will only work on 24 volt systems. All systems we use are 24 volt as most vehicles we work on are 24 volt. The panels we use are dedicated 24 volt panels, the batteries are hooked in series to 24 volt, fridges run on 24 volt etc. Battery charger, inverter and solar all 24 volt.
This eliminates a lot of confusion and also avoids voltage drop by halving the amps you are putting thru your wiring by doubling the voltage!!

Coaster Shower Module (1993 onwards)
(pictures below, scroll down) 
NOW JUST $1190.-!!!!!
LOTS in stock, no waiting. Will ship Australia wide!

Our own BRAND NEW design!!!  
I own the mold, no middle man!!!
Ask me why mine are sooo much better then that other one. ;)

BEST  Coaster Shower Unit In Australia,
I Guarantee it !!!!
*Approx. Outside Dimensions: 
1820H x 700D x 1000W

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